Turning Rest into Restoration

Avoiding rest is a common theme these days. We’re run down, with ever-growing to-do lists and not enough time to get it all done. Yet the ironic finding in my life is that if I take the time to rest and refuel, I actually can be more productive! Its a hard shift to make, but a life-changing one. Try one of these methods to help you prioritize some rest in your days and weeks.

  1. Take a 5 minute break. It’s only 5 minutes, and you can make that happen. Don’t do anything, don’t fold laundry, don’t try to sneak in a walk. Just do nothing for 5 mins. Stretch, breath, close your eyes, do an easy crossword puzzle. Whatever feels restorative to you.
  2. Take a look at your calendar. If you’re struggling to find time in the day to get things done, assess what things you’re trying to accomplish. Prioritize what’s truly important and plan it out on your calendar (work, kid activities, cooking, exercise). You may find it overwhelming, which is a sign that something needs to go. But either way put REST or self care in there somewhere. Self care once a week and rest daily, even if for 5 minutes. The more we give away of ourselves, the less we have to give y’all. Make time for you…because no one else will.
  3. Challenge your TV. This was my go to for “rest”. But I noticed that I never felt energized afterwards, nor did I ever feel I got ‘enough’ time. While its relaxing, its typically not restorative. Don’t ditch the TV time all together, just think through what activities actually give you energy. Maybe its watching the birds at the bird feeder, or taking a walk around the block, or playing with your kids or pup for 30 minutes. These are restorative activities. Things that are for you, and leave you feeling more energized.

Feel free to share your experience as you try the above, or share other ways you’ve learned how to incorporate more rest into your week.