Hi there! I’m Leah Livingston, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, Trauma-Informed Coach and advocate for holistic wellness as the key to living with vitality.

I received my training from The International Association of Wellness Professionals, the global leader in holistic health and wellness training. I’m trained in wellness, holistic health and nutrition, natural health and the CORE Coaching method – all skills that have supported my mission to help others create lasting changes.

I have an extensive history of childhood trauma, and while this has been a difficult and painful journey, I now have the ability to use my experiences to help women transform their lives. Carl Jung said it so well, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” My holistic coaching model helps us get deeper into your “why’s” to determine what’s holding you back from reaching your goals.

Watch this super short video to learn more about my coaching style and what it’s like to work with me.

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If you’re ready to make real changes in your life, schedule a completely complimentary coaching session. Don’t keep putting off your health, wellness and happiness…prioritize yourself and your health today!

You deserve to enjoy the life you've worked so hard to create.

    A few interesting facts about me:

  • I lead, coach and support with integrity and authentic vulnerability
  • I’m a survivor of early childhood sexual trauma and understand the importance of multiple therapies for holistic wellness
  • I am a recovering perfectionist and workaholic and know the freedom that comes from releasing both
  • I love all animals and honor their role as therapy and support in our lives
  • I’m gifted in the area of discernment which allows me to see what others cannot
  • My purpose is to help others realize their potential through God’s love, grace and mercy
  • My tech industry background helped me better understand fatigue, burnout and career misalignment and their impacts on our health
  • Butterflies have been my favorite since middle school; little did I know they are the symbol of transformation
  • I battled with and continue to work to overcome eating disorders and body image issues
  • I finally learned to love myself at age 41 and I’m on a mission to help others do the same
  • I share my experiences and journey with all of my clients because we are better geared towards success when we know we’re not alone