The term holistic is becoming more widely used, however many don’t understand its purpose. Simply put, it refers to our whole self.

When trying to overcome health challenges or achieve goals, we fail to do both when we don’t look at our whole selves. And while western medicine is helpful and necessary, it’s lacking holistic perspective and treatment options.

Let’s say you’re struggling with sleep. You visit your doctor and they prescribe a medication that helps you get more sleep. Have we treated the symptom? Possibly. Do we understand the cause? Absolutely not.

Doing what I call the ‘why work‘ is where the real and lasting relief comes into play. When we understand why we’re suffering from a specific ailment, whether within the body, mind or spirit, we can introduce lifestyle changes to permanently heal ourselves and change our experiences for the better.

This, my friends, is holistic wellness. Looking at our whole selves to become wholly healthy.

As your certified holistic wellness coach and wellness leader, my goal is to support you to reach your goals and create a life you love to wake up to everyday. 

Creating a healthy life doesn’t have to be so confusing. I am honored to be able to guide you through a step-by-step process that will help you reach your goals with confidence and lasting transformation.

I received my training from The International Association of Wellness Professionals, the global leader in holistic health and wellness training. The IAWP has been training people in health and wellness for over a decade. As an IAWP Wellness Coach, I’m trained in wellness, holistic health and nutrition, natural health and the CORE Coaching method – skills that have allowed me to help others create lasting changes with their health.

If you’re ready for real transformation in any area of your life, let’s connect! Sign up for my complementary discovery session where I can learn more about your challenges, goals and roadblocks to achieving holistic wellness.

Does this sound like you?


Do you believe there’s a better way to manage a medical condition than just taking another pill or living with a dead-end diagnosis … but aren’t sure which path to take?


Are you tired of wasting time and money on more programs, books and supplements?


Do you wish there was a simple way to sort through all of the conflicting health information and finally find the answers that work for you?


Are you ready to finally take control of your health and create a healthy lifestyle that energizes you?

Get the support you need to cut through the noise and live a healthy, holistic lifestyle that’s right for you.

The problem with most health and wellness programs today is that they’re narrowly focused on one area of wellness (whatever that expert’s specialty happens to be).

For example, let’s say you need to change your diet – maybe you recognize that you’re eating too much junk food. A nutrition expert can give you good advice on what to eat. But why are you eating the way you’re eating? You aren’t likely to find the answer with a typical nutrition-focused program, so you may struggle to sustain lasting change.

My holistic approach teaches that one imbalance in your life can create an imbalance in another area. So you’ve got to address the whole you. Because that relentless junk food craving may be a way of coping with stress. And that stress may be caused by your career. In that case, your career and your sugar addiction are interconnected.

Restoring the balance among these connections is the key to unlocking a healthier life!

If you’re tired of one-sided advice, or quick fixes that don’t stick, and you want to finally create a healthy, balanced life based on proven, natural approaches, then  I’m so glad you found me!

You deserve to live your very best life. Get the support you need today!