Are you ready to combat the symptoms and impacts of burnout?

Host my Beating Burnout workshop! I’ll guide participants through 3 steps to help manage stress, reduce overwhelm and begin to beat burnout for good!

In this session, we’ll work through the following in a fun and collaborative way:

  • Recognizing burnout’s sneaky invasion
  • Mapping out your personal burnout story
  • Strategies for getting immediate support to minimize burnout’s impacts

The content is tailored for women, only because that’s the experience I have to speak from. While men talk about burnout differently, several men have attended my workshops and benefited from the content equally.

The workshop can be in-person up to 15 attendees, or a virtual gathering up to 30 attendees.

Pricing varies based on location and audience size. Send me your details so we can discuss how best to help your group recover from, or mitigate, life-altering burnout.

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