Career Revitalization

Ever feel stuck or lost in your job? Have you lost the motivation and fulfillment you once used as a driver to get things done? You’re not alone! Career burnout is an all too real thing and something I personally struggled with for years. Sadly, many of us feel we have to ‘deal’ or put up with this lost feeling as a means to keep the lights on. Meanwhile, the light within us is burning out.

My philosophy, which is based on personal experience and professional research, is that when we are in line with and living out our purpose, we can experience exponential fulfillment and career satisfaction.

Our ‘purpose’ isn’t this complex, meaning-of-life, far-fetched dream. Simply put, our purpose is a combination of our gifts and talents, paired with our passions, which align to the needs of the world. Our purpose even changes as we get older and enter new seasons of life.

When our life and career align with this purpose, we live more fulfilled, more energized and able to give from an entirely new place. While aligning your career with your purpose doesn’t require a complete career transition (although for some of us, it might), it does require us to slow down long enough to figure out what lights that fire within us.

In my Burnout and Purpose program, you will:

  • Identify what needs pausing in your life, in order to create the best space possible to listen for and reflect on your passions and purpose
  • Learn to embrace the benefits of alone time and journaling in order to receive clarity and answers on your calling
  • Learn how to grow your spiritual foundation in order to solidify your insights and narrow in on your life’s purpose
  • Create a customized plan to align your career with your calling, beginning to visualize how to work with purpose
  • Receive recommendations that help you outline energetic and financial strategies to support your new Purpose Plan


I’m Ready to Revive My Career Now!