Recovering from Burnout

Are you suffering from burnout or burnout symptoms? Chronic fatigue, sleep issues, hormone imbalances, lack of motivation or brain fog to name a few?

In my Burned Out Professionals Guide to Purposeful Work program, I help you begin to understand your burnout so that you can make simple yet significant lifestyle changes to reclaim your energy, and live with fulfillment and purpose.

After a 5+ year health journey, many dead ends and an Adrenal Fatigue diagnosis that commanded change in my life, I’m now in burnout and adrenal recovery, experiencing energy that I haven’t had in nearly a decade. I took my journey and turned it into a program that will help you find relief much faster than I did.

In my program, you will:

  • Acknowledge your body’s cries for help and sooth burnout symptoms with holistic wellness approaches
  • Define your burnout story by identifying your burnout source(s) and understand patterns to be able to mitigate triggers and relieve stress for lasting energetic transformation
  • Learn your personal stress formula with ways to overcome everything that’s within your control, while minimizing the impact of what you cannot control
  • Move from negative emotions and mindsets that are keeping you stuck, to a ‘fed-up’ attitude that will propel you forward into results
  • Experience transforming “rest” into “restoration” with your personalized “RESTivities” list (rest + activities), so you can truly begin to renew and restore


I’m Ready to Find Relief Now!