Are you ready to combat the symptoms and impacts of burnout?

Host my 90 minute Beating Burnout and Reclaiming Your Energy workshop! Learn 3 steps to help you beat burnout for good, reduce and manage stress, and discover new ways to re-energize your life!

In this session, we’ll work through the following in a collaborative and fun way:

  • Identify your exhaustion sources and introduce simple stress reducing exercises for quick and lasting burnout relief
  • Pinpoint and reduce what’s zapping your energy, while creating more time and space for yourself
  • Reveal your hidden purpose so you can reintroduce energy and motivation into your life
  • …and BONUS tips that will help you apply everything you learned!

The content is tailored for women, only because that’s the experience I have to speak from. While men experience and talk about burnout in a very different way, we can discuss how to include them in the audience.

The workshop can be in-person if you’re within the Tulsa-metro area, or a virtual gathering for up to 50 attendees.

Workshop pricing varies based on location and audience size. Contact me with your ideas and details so we can discuss how best to help your group recover from, or mitigate, life-altering burnout.

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